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QuickBooks support

Is QuickBooks Support Better than Xero?

 QuickBooks and Xero are both accounting software and come with all the necessary features to perform your business accounting work. If we compare them QuickBooks has a better interface, quick report generator, better mobile functionality and gives you instant QuickBooks Support. On the other hand, Xero is trying to catch up with its competitor and improvising its features. Let’s talk about why QuickBooks is better than Xero.
QuickBooks Vs Xero 
Pricing- 1.
QuickBooks Enterprise support comes with 3 different plans for small businesses. You can go with the Simple Start Plan which costs $7/month, Essentials Plan cost you $17/month and Finally plus Plan which comes with advanced features will cost you $25/month. For adding Payroll Processing features you have to pay $39/month if you own business plus $2 per employee.

2. Xero also comes in 3 different plans. You can go with an early plan which will cost you $9/month, the Growing plan will cost you $30/month and lastly the Established plan which comes with advanced features will cost you $60/month. If you want to buy the Payroll processing feature then it will cost you $39/month plus $6 per employee. 
Xero doesn’t offer a lending feature and is quite expensive. On the other hand, QuickBooks has many advanced features like Tax support, project management, invoicing, and lending. 
Customer Service-
You can contact the QuickBooks Support team through email, live chat, telephone, or through the client portal, on the other hand, you can contact the Xero support team only by sending an email. In the field of customer service, QuickBooks is the clear winner.  Ease of use-
For using QuickBooks you don’t need to have any accounting background and its interface is easy to understand on the other hand Xero requires some accounting knowledge before using it.  Customer Reviews-
QuickBooks payroll support has more users than Xero. Both the software have a mixed review about them but I personally like QuickBooks.
QuickBooks features are more promising and give you more features in a reasonable amount plus you can call on QuickBooks customer support number for the help whenever you want. I will personally recommend you to go with QuickBooks if you own a business.